Multi-Cookers Explained

The world of multi-cookers is a world full of choices. From digital controls to fancy LCD screens and even WiFi connectivity -- the humble slow cooker has evolved. Speaking of slow cookers, it’s probably a good time to go over what exactly a “multi-cooker” is. Take the base functionality of a slow cooker, toss in a pressure cooker and in some cases merge an air fryer and maybe even Sous Verde into a single appliance and you have a multi-cooker.

Our multi-cooker grid includes the most popular options available today compared side by side. Making a final decision is going to be tough even with all your choices laid out so we suggest breaking the list down and filtering by the following:

1.       Pick a Size – Multi-cookers much like slow cookers come in three main sizes. 3qt, 6qt and 8qt. There is a rouge 3.5 and 6.5qt cooker out there too.

2.       Cooking Functions – Every multi-cooker has the basic slow cooking feature. The additional cooking modes include: Pressure Cooking, Air Frying and Sous Verde depending on which model you get. In our research only one model has Sous Verde and only the Ninja appliances can do Air Frying.

Each manufacturer really pumps up the “cooking modes” and claims that each machine is a “X in 1 device” that’s going to revolutionize your kitchen. Honestly – unless you are the type of person that uses the cooking modes on your microwave; these cooking modes will have little effect on you. You are more likely to just set a timer and cooking temperature which basically what the “cooking modes” are doing for you. 14 cooking modes just means 14 preset cooking times / temps. I would not put much weight into these features and instead focus on the size and actual cooking modes of the appliance.

Some of the standout multi-cookers are the Ninja Kitchen appliances due to their unique two top system you get the additional benefit of being able to use the cooker as an air fryer as well as a pressure cooker and slow cooker.