Kingston A400 960GB SSD (SA400S37/960G)

Released: 2017-01-01 | MSRP($): 112.99

Okay - here is the deal. This is probably the lowest cost SSD drive of this size you can find from a reputable brand. For older PC's I recommend the crap out of these, but when you start getting to the TB size drives that write speed becomes a concern. See, while the performance of these A400's from Kingston perform well for reading data (about 300% faster than most spinning drives) when it comes to writing data you quickly run into a bottleneck as this drive does not seem to have any low density NAND to buffer the writes and little to no DRAM cache either. This means that you are stuck waiting for the drive to write data which can at times slow to hard drive speeds (specifically with small files).


  • Cheap / Not likely to find this size from a reputable manufacturer
  • Decent read rates (most notable when booting up your computer, or opening applications)


  • Slow write speeds for small files.
  • Lower endurance compared to other drives


If you are going to throw this in an older computer, say something from the Core2Duo or early generation of i3/i5 era of computing then I still give it a thumbs up. the read speed is what makes booting and launching programs and games noticeable and this still gives 300%+ performance gains there. If you are looking to throw this into a modern PC then you are just buying a bottleneck. Spend $50 more and get something from SanDisk, Crucial or Western Digital. Crucial's MX500 specifically would be what I looked at next.

Kingston SA400S37/960G product image.

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Amazon $0.00 $48.45 $141.25
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Product Specifications

Options Kingston Kingston A400 960GB SSD SA400S37/960G
Basic Details
Disk Size980
Form Factor2.5"
Hardware Disk EncryptionNo
AudienceHome Value
Form Factor
SATA3 InterfaceYes
SATA2 InterfaceNo
< 9mm HeightYes
> 9mm HeightNo
Max Read Rate500
Max Write Rate450
Write Endurance300

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