Ninja Foodi Deluxe (OP401)

Released: 2018-01-01 | MSRP($): 279.99
This is the king of Multi / Pressure Cookers. The Ninja OP401 is the biggest, baddest and most feature rich cooker in the market. With stock that often sells out and sales that are often minimal and short the best time to buy the 401 is well, anytime you can find it in stock. 8 quarts of multi-cooker madness awaits you along with Ninja's industry leading air fryer features unique to their cookers. This easy to use beast of a cooking machine can easily brown, steam and pressure cook for a medium to large sized family in addition to the prior mentioned air fryer. It's 1700 watts of power get its massive 8 quart capacity up to temperature faster so you can relax longer. This is a big boy dimension wise. In comparison with the other cookers the extra 6 quarts really shows on this porker -- Its hefty weight a byproduct of the sturdy construction. 

Why not Instant Pot?
Instant pot makes excellent multi-cookers - just check out the comparison grid as it is riddled with them. Value wise Instant pot hits the sweet spot across the line. The main benefits of the 401 are going to be its massive 8 quart volume, heating power (which can cook faster and brown meats better) and the air fryer feature. If you already have an air fryer or can get by with a 6 quart capacity cooker then you probably want to check out the Instant Pots to save some money. You might also consider that having a separate air fryer as a feature as you can cook your main dish in the cooker and then air fry up some side dishes at the same time - like egg rolls to go with your beef ramen noodle soup cooking in the multi-cooker. This is one of the few products we have noticed that will actually sell for more than MSRP at times due to stock scarcity.
Ninja OP401 product image.

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Product Specifications

Options Ninja Ninja Foodi Deluxe OP401
Basic Details
Pressure CookerYes
Pot Size8
Heating Element Power1700
Digital ControlsYes
LCD DisplayYes
Included Warranty12
Cooking Features
Built-In Programs8
Browning FeatureYes
Steamer FeatureYes
Air Fryer FeatureYes
Sous Vide FeatureNo
Stainless SteelNo

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Ninja Ninja Foodi Deluxe Files & Downloads

File Name Description File Size
IG-OP401.pdf Ninja Foodie 401 Series Inspiration Guide 3,204Kb
Ninja-manual-OP401.pdf Ninja 401 Series Users Manual 4,010Kb
Ninja-Quick-Start-Guide-QSG-OP401.pdf Ninja 401 Series Quick Start Guide 1,604Kb
OP400Series_WebCookCharts_180810.pdf Ninja 401 Series Cooking Chart 338Kb
warranty-1-yr-ninja.pdf Ninja 401 Series Warranty 55Kb