Exposing the fine details of your favorite products.

Lets be honest, we all want to nab the best deal on everything we get. Sure there are times where you just have to suck it up and bite the bullet without checking around but, for allot of the bigger ticket purchases you have time to do some research. Find the right product for you needs and then wait for the best deal to pop up before going in for the order.

The goal here at Prodgrids is to first of all help you narrow down your research - or maybe even make it a first stop for your product research. We accomplish this for you by doing a bunch of research for select product types. We then take all of that research and put into a big database and then make it easy for you to drill down on the important data points. Just check out one of the product grids below.

The next goal here at Prodgrids is to make it easy for you to spot a deal. We do this buy checking the price of every product listed in our database roughly every 8 hours. We take that data and make it easy for you to spot price trends and great deals.

Big Deal Ticker

Only the best deals make it to the deal ticker. Our scanning engine checks prices on all of our products up to three times a day to make sure you are getting the freshest deals.

*Fresh price checks about every 8 hours.

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